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Sample storage tubes

Sample storage tubes

Datamatrix technology for sample tracking

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Unique Data Matrix codes, pre-printed and integral to the bottom of each tube, resistant to mechanical and chemical stimuli, remain readable even when damaged up to 30%. The best cost-effective tracking method on the market.

Why choose datamatrix technology

Barcode data matrix

The 2d code on the bottom of each tube corresponds to a unique, nonreplicable alphanumeric string. The extreme resistance to chemical and physical agents and the guarantee of inseparability between code and tube makes it a secure system for sample traceability, compatible with the most restrictive anonymization and certification requirements for biobanks.

The structure of the boxes allows in fractions of a second the simultaneous acquisition of codes and respective positions for all samples present (rack scanner required).

Choose the best solution for each application

Tube configuration

  • External threaded cap to maximize usable volume and reduce risk of contamination
  • Internal threaded cap for better sealing, preferred for cryopreservation
  • Pressure caps the most economical and quickest to use, disposable, recommended down to -20°C
  • Cap color wide range available to visually identify type of material stored
  • Optional 1D and Human readable code (replicate 2D datamatrix) to facilitate sample identification
  • Volume and diameter from 0.25ml to 12ml, specific for liquids, tissues or other solid sample

Selected brands for quality assurance and wide offerings

Quality and wide range of choice

Virgin polypropylene tubing for medical use, inert with reduced retention of organic molecules, suitable for use from +37°C to -196°C. Cleanroom production, control certification for absence of DNA, RNA, DNase, RNase and endotoxins. Subjected to (optional) gamma ray/ethylene oxide sterilization process.

Cryogenic tubes with volumes from a minimum of 0.25ml to a maximum of 12ml are available in the catalog. In addition to standard models for storing liquid samples, specific designs are available, designed to make handling of tissue and other solid samples easy.

The quality and expertise of a historic brand

Thermo Fisher scientific

A well-known U.S. company that produces instruments, materials and software for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries as well as the Life Science research sector. The collaboration with TwinHelix is focused on consumables and instrumentation for sample storage, especially data matrix tubes, which are particularly appreciated for their high contrast and 2d code printing technique.

The company in its history has made several mergers and acquisitions, the products distributed belong to the 3 brands: Matrix, Nunc and Abgene. The strengths are the historicity and spread of the brand as well as an extensive literature available to support Thermo Fisher Scientific branded products.

3748-BR 200µL internally-threaded tubes with Colorless cap, V bottom, high contrast 2D barcode, in a 8x12 barcoded rack. Maximize capacity in manual or automated storage systems.
3744 500µL internally-threaded tubes with Colorless cap, V bottom, high contrast 2D barcode, in a 8x12 rack.
3741RED 1000µL internally-threaded tubes with RED cap, V bottom, high contrast 2D barcode, in a 8x12 rack.

Innovation and market focus


Founded by an experienced team with considerable industry knowledge, the founders and team at AltemisLab have been working with 2D barcoded tubes since 2000, when this technology was first used by pharmaceutical companies for compound storage. AltemisLab utilises this expertise to deliver the highest quality products and exceptional service.

Attention to consumer needs leads the company to continuously develop and enrich its range and offer unique products such as 5ml/2ml/1.2ml datamatrix tubes in classic 9x9 format racks. This is alongside 96 format SBS in 0.5ml, 0.75ml, 1.1ml and 1.4ml internal thread, 0.75ml and 1.4ml external thread. All AlteTubes now are available with 1D side coding and human readable barcodes on the tubes. The product range has also been updated to include 24 Format SBS tubes in 3 and 6ml.

AL201075 0.75ml 2D barcoded external thread storage tube, in 8x12 SBS rack format, precapped with screw cap, AlteClean
AL201301-1 1.2ml 2D barcoded external thread storage tube, 6x8 SBS rack format, precapped with screw cap, sterile
AL201304-1 + AL201512 2ml 2D barcoded external thread storage tube, precapped with screw cap, sterile, bulk + Empty large format 81 rack for 2ml 2D barcoded storage tubes, AlteClean

The broadest sample storage tube assortment on the market


Historic Dutch company focused on manufacturing consumables for cryopreservation of biological specimens in single-tube microplate format. Their experience in the market has led them to develop a wide range of products to meet the most varied needs of users. The strong point is the rich catalog and the total configurability of each item.

Particularly popular is the range of tubes dedicated to the storage of tissues and other solid samples (from 1ml to 6ml), which due to the special large-diameter format allow easy handling of the contents.

MP52802 1.00ml 2D Data-Matrix coded Screw Cap tubes with External Thread Flat bottom in Micronic 48-1 Rack with low cover (Barcoded A1-F1 side)
MP52954 1.50ml 2D Data-Matrix coded Screw Cap tubes with External Thread, Human readable code, Flat bottom in Micronic 24-1 Rack with low cover (Barcoded A1-D1 side)
MP52960 3.00ml 2D Data-Matrix coded Screw Cap tubes with External Thread, Human readable, Flat bottom in Micronic 24-1 Rack with high cover (Barcoded A1-D1 side)

Benefits at a glance


Compatible with the most stringent privacy and certification regulations for biobanks


Unique, preprinted datamatrix code resistant to extreme chemical and physical agents


High density storage for rational utilization of valuable cold space


Full tube configurability, for every application and usage need


Instantaneous and error-free acquisition of identifiers and position for all tubes in the rack


Automation friendly, all proposed items can be integrated with liquid handlers, labelers, decappers, etc.

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