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GenScript cPass™The first and only kit on the market capable of determining the presence of NABs without using viruses and cells in vivo in just over an hour

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New rapid nasal swab

The new ultra-sensitive nasal swabs offer the practicality of the nasal swab, which is less invasive than Rhino pharyngeal swabs, and provide precise results in 15 minutes even at fairly low concentrations (N34).

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Advanced in-vitro models: beyond the standard simulation… Ocular tissues

30/Apr/2021, 11:00 CET, platform: TEAMS

We will have 3 presentations, discussing the following themes:
• A Fluidic platform to implement advanced in-vitro models of pathophysiological barriers (i.e. trabecular
• The use of an in-vitro platform as bench test to study the Glaucoma disease and test the effects of new drugs
• The use of a 3D bioprinter to increase the complexity of the 3D topology of an ocular tissue model

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Strumentazione da laboratorio

Strumentazione da laboratorio

Cutting-edge technologies
A wide range of instruments for scientific research , a selection of cutting-edge technologies for digital imaging, tissue clarification, bio-printing, cell counting and everything needed to equip a superior research laboratory.



Tracking is key to accelerating drug research
A complete system to track and manage biological samples and chemical compounds stored in temperature controlled environments consisting of information storage organised in a modular and customisable database, a set of consumables already uniquely coded or to support fast and secure coding and a complete set of accessories for laboratory freezers for the storage of biological material. This product package allows the researcher to be supported with a complete and functional solution for storing their samples.

Molecolar & Cell Biology

Molecolar & Cell Biology

Consumables and reagents
Twin Helix provides only quality products, tested and validated, our reagents, chemicals and laboratory equipment are subject to very strict testing to ensure reliable and reproducible results.
Whether it's analysis or synthesis, complex or routine applications, research or production, we offer a choice of over 20,000 chemicals, reagents and consumables to make your daily work easier and safer.



How important is a reliable partner ?
Support, customer service and application consulting in the world of scientific research combined with an innovative product proposition are the foundations on which our passion is focused.
Twin Helix is an Italian provider of innovative technologies for researchers working in the field of cellular and molecular biology offering customised services and is actively developing proprietary technologies to support the emerging interest in storage and "Biobanking" of biological samples in translational and personalised medicine.

15 years

Since 15 years our contribution to science

The Company

Welcome in Twin Helix

Twin Helix specialises in:

Cellular and molecular biology:

Synthesis of oligonucleotides

Synthesis of oligonucleotides

Mammalian cell lines modified with CRISPR

Antibody services

Customised production of recombinant peptides/proteins

Generation and maintenance of cell lines

In vitro/in vivo drug efficacy (oncology only)


Surface coating

Process validation

Biobanking and storage Process validation:

Customised software solution

Customised robotic solution

Labelling of test tubes and containers



metal racks

barcode readers


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The Company

Business development

Twin Helix is actively developing proprietary software and automation solutions dedicated to sample tracking and management, reducing sample handling and minimising the risk of human error.
In particular, Twin Helix has developed proprietary products, software and optimised two-dimensional barcode readers dedicated to sample traceability (EasyTrack2D™) and automated sample pick-up (Easy-pick).
Our focus is on biomedical research, particularly translational medicine, and its implications for sample and data management.
Our expertise has been consolidated over the years through various collaborations with national and international customers.
Companies from all over the world interested in distributing our products are invited to contact us.

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