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We understand how important is space efficiency in a lab. BIO X6 is the only true benchtop bioprinter to combine six printheads with patented Clean Chamber Technology in a compact package, taking up a 78 cm footprint in your lab. The BIO X6 is a standalone unit that offers unbeatable scale, power and performance, coming fully equipped with a quiet internal oil-free air compressor and temperature-controlled print bed surface.

A complete sterilisation system without compromise

Clean Chamber Technology

With its integrated air supply, cooling system, compressor, touch screen and WiFi connectivity, the BIO X6 is a completely standalone unit, working without the need to connect to anything. BIO X maintains a small lab footprint, while still containing everything you need to succeed.

Discover the benefits

Wireless BIO X6

Standalone Bioprinting

Develop your most complex constructs without the need for external connections, detach the tablet to take it with you wherever you go. Simply reattach it when you’re ready to print again.

Wired BIO X6

Ease of use

The tablet’s surface makes it easy to enter your parameters with the swipe of a finger, even when your gloves are on.

Integrated Ethernet port:
Leverage the built-in Ethernet capability with any standard Ethernet cable.

Fast file and data transfer:
Connect the tablet directly to your computer to transfer your models in seconds.


The best tools are intelligent, interchangeable and flexible.

The BIO X6 is a versatile bioprinter equipped with intelligent printhead mounts, enabling you to easily upgrade your system as we develop printheads to meet your evolving needs.

– Heated Pneumatic Head (65° C).
– Thermoplastic Head (250°).
– Temperature-controlled Pneumatic Head (4-65°).
– Electromagnetic Droplet (EMD) Printhead (65°).
– Syringe Pump Printhead.
– Photo-curing Tool Head, for UV light in any wavelength.
– HD Camera Tool Head.

Bioprinter BIO X6™

Exceptional Versatility

Its compatibility with virtually any material, make CELLINK’s BIO X™ the bioprinter of choice, for industry leaders at the forefront of today’s biggest scientific breakthroughs. Whether you are automating 3D cell cultures, developing complex tissue constructs or testing new drug compounds, the BIO X has the advanced functionality and versatility to streamline workflows in a wide range of application areas.

Bioprinter  BIO X6™
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Bioprinter BIO X6™

Benefits at a glance


Six printheads

Six printheads for scaffolds and complex vascular networks


Everything sterile

Total sterilization for superior security


Target on sight

Reduction of failures and faster clinical trials



Quick and easy to reduce learning time


All included

Turnkey solution: Hardware Software and consumables compatibility problems are just a memory


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