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ColMA Lyophilizate


ColMA Lyophilizate is a unique variation of rat tail derived collagen type I that has been modified with photoactive methacrylate groups, enabling it to be crosslinked in the presence of a photoinitiator. Crosslinking makes it possible to obtain robust constructs with well-controlled mechanical properties mimicking the physical properties of native tissues. After dissolution in the Reconstitution Agent A and neutralization, it is ready for printing or mixing with other components to create your own bioink. Recommended for use with BIO X, a temperature-controlled printhead and a heated printbed. Not recommended for use with INKREDIBLE+ or INKREDIBLE. Description 100 mg lyophilized ColMA (sterile). Minimum 4 months shelf life Optional photoinitiator: LAP or Irgacure 2959 (non-sterile) The kit includes: 100 mg lyophilized ColMA (sterile). 100 mg LAP photoinitiator (non-sterile). 30 mL Reconstitution Agent A (sterile). 5 mL Collagen Buffer (sterile). 2 x Consumables Kit A5 (Five amber cartridges, five luer lock adaptors, 15 nozzles, all sterile) For research use only. Not for human use. Specifications The product has the following quality criteria: Appearance White lyophilizate Sterility Sterile pH 4.0-4.8 Degree of methacrylation 15-25%

VL4500000101ColMA Lyophilizate, 100mg

VL4501000101ColMA Lyophilizate Irgacure 2959, 100mg

VL4501020101ColMA Lyophilizate LAP, 100mg

KT6000000101ColMA Lyophilizate Kit, 100mg

VL4500000105 ???ColMA Lyophilizate Irgacure 2959, 100mg

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