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Lumen X, powered by Volumetric, offers high resolution, high throughput and high fidelity – enhancing applications in microfluidics, cell-laden hydrogels, macroporous structures and more.

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Designed to bioprint vasculature with biocompatible blue light, Lumen X gives you a powerful advantage in achieving complex branching and tapering of vessels.
Leverages over 1 million points of light to bioprint microscopic features down to 200 microns.
Photographically cures entire layers at once to crosslink structures fifty times faster than other printing methods.
Combines with CELLINK’s BIO X to multiply the benefits of each system’s state-of-the-art capabilities. You can use BIO X to print living cells within a Lumen X-fabricated structure and strengthen your work in applications like organ-on-a-chip and multimaterial research.

The First DLP Bioprinter

High resolution, throughput and fidelity

The Lumen X divides 3D models into stacks of horizontal layers in the form of black and white image files. Using an industrial-grade visible-light projector, each image is projected onto a droplet of liquid PhotoInk™ on a polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) vat. The illuminated regions react and solidify, then the build platform moves the cured layer up and out of the way, so that more liquid PhotoInk can be cured with the next image.

Work smarter, not harder

high speed light-based

The Lumen X enables high speed light-based bioprinting, crosslinking layers in as little as 10 seconds.

Details like never before

versatile materials

With feature resolution of 50 µm and compatibility with versatile materials, the Lumen X enables high resolution and consistent printing.

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