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Pu·MA System 3D

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The Pu·MA System 3D, consisting of the system and 3D Flowchips, automates assays for 3D cell models such as organoids, tumoroids or spheroids via pre-loaded protocols

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The Pu·MA System has been designed to automate assays using our proprietary 3D technology. It is used with 3D Flowchips. This system can fit inside any standard cell culture incubator and maintains the 3D cell models under physiological conditions while the assay steps are in progress. This reduces stress and damage to the cells. Assays such as IF staining can be performed with the Pu·MA System on the bench-top at room temperature.The system maintains the organoids in a unique sample chamber that allows easy media, metabolite or reagent exchanges for oncology, toxicity, or metabolomics research. This platform enables multiparametric data collection from single organoid samples.

Types of assay steps that can be performed:

IF staining for biomarker detection
In situ sampling
Sequential drug additions
Metabolomic profiling

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Pu·MA System 3D

Pu·MA System 3D
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Pu·MA System 3D

Benefits at a glance


Explore new dynamics

5X increased sensitivity for secreted analytes in supernatants

Upto 7 custom timed supernatant samples can be collected per sample

>95% fluid transfer reproducibility during assays


Streamline your co-cultures

Seamless immune cell transfers with no loss of viability

Only 15-minute flowchip prep time &
5-minute protocol set up

Only 1-Touch to run your assay protocol for hands-off workflow


Improve your IF Staining

Zero organoid perturbation during multiple assay steps

Reduce pipetting by 20X - Save 5 hours of hands-on time

10X more precise organoid location for microscopy


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