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Installable on server, cloud or local. Accessible from any connected PC, tablet or smartphone. EasyTrack2d is the management software for biobanks and library, which has been on the market for 16 years, with more than 50 active Italian installations. The result of continuous updating imposed by new technologies, current regulations and valuable user feedback.

A unique product appreciated by storage facilities of all kinds

Key features

  • Can be deployed as stand alone application on a dedicated PC, on premises on an institutional server or in cloud.
  • Management and tracking samples using Data Matrix® technology. Software remains compatible with identification systems such as labeling or other identification.
  • Native integration to rack scanners for multiple acquisition of new samples and rearrangement of positions with rearray function.
  • Software tool for configuration and printing of identification labels interfaced to label printer.
  • Freedom to configure custom fields of various nature (numeric, textual, multiple choice, etc.).
  • Advanced search function on all fields, including import and export functions of files in xlsx. and csv formats. Configuration, export and printing of user-defined statistical reports.
  • Tracking of donor subject and primary collection information, configuration and management of relevant events and clinical data.
  • User friendly configuration of the storage environment, graphical display with evidence of usage status and remaining capacity by level. Ability to capture data from a storage system temperature monitoring system.

Which data can I track?

One Software, Many Solutions

With EasyTrack you can ditch Excel sheets , notebooks and databases of any other kind. EasyTrack is an All in One solution that can track and integrate data from every relevant process and information related to the sample.

Easy storage management is the indispensable core function of the entry-level version of the software.

Thanks to the expertise learned in the field, we have developed around it a customizable modular structure that allows for a product that can meet all needs.

Check out the available modules and configure your LIMS without having to adopt expensive predetermined solutions.

ET31300 ACCADEMY Easytrack2D software license for tracking, archiving and storage of biological samples, non-transferable, on MySQL, MSSQL or Oracle database
ET31310 Easytrack2Dweb integrated module for managing patient master data and primary samples withdrawals
ET31311 Easytrack2Dweb integrated module for reagent/labware warehouse management
ET31312 Integrated Module for Centralized or External Biobank Management
ET31315 Easytrack2Dweb integrated module for tracking sample transport and storage temperature. Integration with external monitoring system.
ET31324 Integrazione di Easytrack2Dweb su database MySQL, MSSQL o Oracle con sw di strumentazione (Liquid Handler, Freezer Auto)

What samples can I manage?

Highest flexibility

EasyTrack was created for the management of any chemical and biological sample.

Each sample is tracked by being assigned a unique and anonymous identifier that makes it unique and unmistakable within the dataset.

EasyTrack natively interfaces to all instrumentation dedicated to the management of tubes identified by 2d barcodes (or QR codes), The best cost-effective tracking system on the market.

Classic linear barcodes or other alphanumeric codes can always be used as an alternative to QR codes. IDs can be acquired from labware, from integration with external databases, entered manually or generated automatically according to your own standard.

This flexibility makes the software adaptable to every reality and need.

One installation for multiple work environments

Multi-laboratory & multi-role structure

Multiple independent Divisions/Projects/Laboratories can be configured with a single installation. With one license it is therefore possible to use EasyTrack2d within multiple independent environments belonging to the same facility.

For each user, it is possible to determine which laboratories they have access to and which data and software features they can view and interact with.

  • Administrator: manages system structure, creates projects and supervisors
  • Supervisor: customize the setup inside a project, create user-groups, assign permissions, create data fields and structures
  • Operator: can insert and edit data in the system using standard procedures in accordance with the assigned permissions
  • Guest: has no rights to change data and can only search and view certain data according to its permissions

Benefits at a glance


Native management and interfacing to acquisition peripherals for datamatrix tracking technology


Full flexibility and and freedom to configure the work environment


"Open" software capable of interfacing to databases, management systems, analytical instrumentation and automation systems.


Data integrity is imperative, The activity log function allows tracking of any changes to the database


The potential of shared research in the digital age is enormous. Choose what data to share and with whom. Everything at the click of a button.


Compliant with European guidelines for biobanks ISO 20387, FDA 21 CFR11 regulations, and GAMP5 guidelines related to computer data security and integrity

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