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Implement and visualize dynamic and multi-organ in-vitro models, getting closer to the in-vivo

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IVTech offers products and know-how to improve the results of your in vitro research by perfecting your cell and tissue patterns. IVTech technology is based on compact, easy-to-use and transparent cell culture chambers with a shape and size similar to the wells of classic 6-12-24 plates, widely used in biological research. The chambers can be connected to a peristaltic pump (LiveFlow) to ensure a dynamic tissue environment. The main advantages of IVTech products are the possibility to simulate the suitable environment for the in-vitro growth of different tissues and the visualization of cells in real time. These important new features can be obtained without renouncing the standard seeding and monitoring protocols developed for plate experiments.




The application Scenario


Stomach LiveBox1

Liver LiveBox1

Fat tissue LiveBox2

Permeability studies

Lung LiveBox2

Intestine LiveBox2

Skin LiveBox2

Test of new materials

Drug release LiveBox2

Mech. Prop. of scaffolds LiveBox2

Surface treatments LiveBox2

3D model starting from stem cells

Bone LiveBox2

3D models starting from a tissue biopsy

Nail LiveBox2

Muscle LiveBox1

Skin LiveBox2

Disease models

Leukaemia LiveBox1 / LiveBox2

Glaucoma LiveBox1

Obesity LiveBox1 / LiveBox2

Breast cancer LiveBox1

Bone cancer LiveBox2


The Literature


A new millifluidic-based gastrointestinal platform to evaluate the effect of simulated dietary methylglyoxal intakes.

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Permeability studies

A dynamic in-vitro model of the intestinal epithelium for the investigation of P-glycoprotein activity

J. Costa, V. Almonti, L. Cacopardo, D. Poli, S. Rapposelli, A. Ahluwalia, 2020, DOI:

Test of new materials

Effects of argon plasma treatment on the osteoconductivity of bone grafting materials

L. Canullo, et al., Clinical Oral Investigations, October 2019,

3D model starting from stem cells

The Crosstalk Between Osteodifferentiating Stem Cells and Endothelial Cells Promotes Angiogenesis and Bone Formation

T. Genova, et al., Frontiers in physiology, October 2019, doi: 10.3389/fphys.2019.01291

3D models starting from a tissue biopsy

Incubation under fluid dynamic conditions markedly improves the structural preservation in vitro of explanted skeletal muscles

F. Carton, L. Calderan, M. Malatesta, European Journal of Histochemistry 2017; volume 61:2862

Disease models

Use of dual-flow bioreactor to develop a simplified model of nervous-cardiovascular systems crosstalk: A preliminary assessment

N. Marchesi, et al., PLOS ONE, November 2022,

Disease models

Stem-Like Cancer Cells in a Dynamic 3D Culture System: A Model to Study Metastatic Cell Adhesion and Anti-Cancer Drugs

M. Paolillo, et al., Cells, 2019, 8, 1434; doi:10.3390/cells8111434



MultiDyn (MD) is a transparent multi-dynamic-chambers rack, based on the dimensions of a 24-well plate.

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LiveFlow is a compact and low weight peristaltic pump, compatible with the incubator environment.

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LiveBox1 is a transparent chamber designed for cell cultures developed under adhesion conditions and exposed to a dynamic environment.

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LiveBox2 is a transparent chamber, developed for in-vitro models of physiological barriers (e.g. lung and intestinal

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Vantaggi in breve


Multi-organ approach


Standard culture protocols


Transparent chambers


Excellent quality / price ratio


Compatibility with incubator


Support of the Italian manufacturer for model engineering.

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