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Creating thick tissue that can accommodate high cell density requires nutrient and gas exchange that is effective enough to reach every cell throughout the tissue. To accomplish this, engineers need to vascularize the tissue.

The CELLINK VasKit prints a larger primary vessel with a relatively simple geometry to enable microvasculature to develop during incubation. VasKit uses a refined method and design, allowing you to craft channeled tissues with bioinks like GelMA C and CELLINK PLURONICS. Use the included Luer adapters to easily network your construct with perfusion tubing, supporting further incubation and tissue development of emerging vasculature.

Bioprinting accessories


Cell Collect G is an enzymatic lysis reagent that digests gelatin and collagen in CELLINK bioinks. At temperatures as low as 4°C, reconstituted Cell Collect G can be used to harvest cells for several downstream applications including cell viability analyses, RNA isolation, protein extraction, qPCR, western blot, and single-cell analyses.

Includes a filter for sterilization and a light-protected Falcon tube for mixing.
Light-sensitive product. Should be protected from light.
One-year shelf life as supplied.
Store at 4-8°C.
For research use only. Not for human use.

Bioprinting accessories


LifeSupport™ by FluidForm enables bioprinting with low-viscosity bioinks to fabricate complex constructs. This sterile powder can be rehydrated using a reconstitution solution to create a support slurry consisting of compacted gelatin microparticles. This support bath facilitates bioprinting with low-viscosity bioinks with no need for thickeners or stabilizers. In this application, the support slurry is then melted away, releasing the structure. Using LifeSupport allows one to deposit bioinks in complex geometries such as tubular networks, thin walls, and overhangs.

Other advantages of the LifeSupport support bath:

Beyond the recommended reconstitution buffers, any aqueous buffer can be used to reconstitute the slurry. One can also add pH buffers, enzymes, ions and more to enable a wide range of polymer crosslinking chemistries and gelation mechanisms.
Nearly any bioink is compatible with the support slurry.
Many CELLINK bioinks have been optimized for use with the LifeSupport slurry, ask about specific bioinks you might need, including collagen, alginate, fibrin, ECM-derived bioinks, methacrylated gelatin, methacrylated hyaluronic acid and more.

LifeSupport™ is manufactured by FluidForm™ under license from Carnegie Mellon University.

Bioprinting accessories


The first starting kit for 3D bioprinting.

The sterile CELLINK STARTINK® Kit makes it easy to mix cells gently with any of our bioinks, creating a ready-to-print cartridge in a simple one-step process.

The CELLINK® STARTINK Kit includes:

  • 3 mL syringe of a CELLINK® bioink.
  • One empty 1 mL cell syringe.
  • One dispensing unit.
  • One mixing unit.
  • One empty filling cartridge.
  • Application note.
  • One bottle of crosslinking agent.
  • Four bioprinting nozzles.

*Some bioinks have different crosslinking properties.



CELLINK® PCL is a high-molecular weight (Mn 50,000) thermoplastic linear polyester derived from caprolactone monomer. This biodegradable polyester has a melting point of 60° C. PCL provides a reinforcing structure to load-bearing tissue constructs, including bone grafts and osteochondral plugs developed for in vitro and in vivo studies. It can also provide a temporary scaffold for overhanging structures.

For research use only. Not for human use.

Supplied in powder form.

Product number: TP605050001 (50 g)

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