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CELLINK Skin, Cartridge


CELLINK SKIN is optimized to culture fibroblasts, keratinocytes and melanocytes for fabricating skin and skin-related constructs. This bioink contains fibrinogen to recreate the native wound-healing environment. CELLINK SKIN comes with a crosslinking solution enhanced with thrombin to support the formation of a full thickness skin tissue model. After crosslinking with thrombin, CELLINK SKIN contains in situ fibrin and fibrinogen to provide an environment that mimics the native wound-healing process. CELLINK SKIN is designed for skin model research and compound testing. CELLINK SKIN has fibrinogen to recreate the natural wound-healing environment found in skin tissue. It is optimized for culturing fibroblasts and keratinocytes to fabricate skin constructs. CELLINK SKIN comes with an enhanced thrombin-containing crosslinking solution to develop a compound network with unparalleled stability. After crosslinking with thrombin, CELLINK SKIN’s in situ fibrin and fibrinogen provides an environment that mimics the natural wound-healing process. Below you can download a protocol for Bioprinting CELLINK SKIN as well as printing a Skin Tissue Model with the G-code found on Bioverse. Description Bioink is available in 3 mL cartridges. Includes one bottle of crosslinking agent and one vial of thrombin. Sterile production and packaging. Two-month shelf life. For research use only. Not for human use. Product number: IK1300650301 (1 x 3 mL) Product number: IK1300650305 (5 x 3 mL) Note: This product was previously sold as CELLINK SKIN+. Specifications The bioink has the following quality criteria: Appearance Opaque gel Sterility Sterile Endotoxin level <40 EU/mL Cell viability ≥80% viable mesenchymal stem cells for 7 days pH 6.5-7.4 Viscosity 3-20 000 Pa·s

IK1300650301CELLINK Skin, 1 x 3 ml Cartridge

IK1300650305CELLINK Skin, 5 x 3 ml Cartridge

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