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Accurate and uniform temperature control

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Tokai Incubator system for Celena Microscopes

Uniform temperature distribution

Tokai Hit's original Top Heater is proven to distribute heat uniformly within the Chamber
regardless of the type of vessels.

For all available Celena S objectives also 40X

No glass between lens and culture plate

As the bottom of the chamber has no glass or metal plate, most of the available lenses can be used, even those with higher magnification (40x), adding to the time-lapse work the necessary resolution for your sample to be visualised in its structural complexity. 

Real time feedback

On-the-fly temperature control

Sterilized temperature sensor and magnetic lids make it easy to measur the temp. of culture media upon research needs.
The controller regulates the heater based on the sensor signal to keep sample at the target temp. accurately.

Over 95% constant humidity

Internal umidifier by bath heater

The internal humidifier minimises media concentration variation by maintaining the humidity level inside the chamber above 95% by heating distilled water.
The internal humidifier minimises the variation in media concentration by maintaining the humidity inside the chamber.

Stable CO2 environment

built-in digital gas mixer

The controller mixes 100%CO2 gas and the surrounding air automatically. Stable gas concentration inside the Chamber is obtained by keep sending the mixed gas to the Chamber.
(only with  built-in digital gas mixer)

Monitoring software

Programmable temperature and CO2

The system includes the software to program temp. and CO2/O2 concentration
as this function allows to expand the variety of experiment.

Screen capture

Display your images everywhere !

Capture the PC screen to transfer images to smart-phones and tablets.

Allows you to view images wherever you want (PC must be connected to the internet)

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