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Spheroid Kit GelMA


Gelatin methacrylate (GelMA) has become a cornerstone bioink in the biomedical field thanks to its extraordinary versatility across applications, especially its unique biological properties that enable excellent attachment and proliferation of various cell types. The GelMA Spheroid Kit includes 3 units of the Sphericalplate 5D, sterile GelMA powder and a choice of photoinitiators for blending customized bioinks The GelMA kit offers sterile CELLINK GelMA powder and a photoinitiator, enabling you to blend your own bioink. Dissolve the GelMA to the desired concentration, add your preferred photoinitiator and adjust the crosslinking time to finetune the stiffness of the material. The warm GelMA is liquid, allowing for an easy incorporation of spheroids. Designed specifically for fast and easy spheroid formation combined with the benefits of physiologically relevant matrix embedding, the CELLINK Spheroid Kits strengthen your work with combining Kugelmeiers’s Sphericaplate 5D® and CELLINKS GellMA.

D16110022442Spheroid Kit GelMA

D16110022465Spheroid Kit GelMA Irgacure

D16110022464Spheroid Kit GelMA LAP

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