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Irgacure 2959 Powder


Hydroxy-4′-(2-hydroxyethoxy)-2-methylpropiophenone (Irgacure 2959) is a photoinitiator utilized for the polymerization of water-soluble polymeric materials, such as hydrogels and bioinks. Irgacure 2959 has an absorption at 365 nm and can thus be used for photocuring bioinks. Photocuring is made easy by using the built in LED module of the BIO X and INKREDIBLE+ 3D bioprinting systems. The powder is non-sterile and therefore needs to be dissolved and sterile filtered before use con cellule. Compatible with methacrylated biomaterials such as HAMA, GelMA and ColMA. Shipping starts from October 15, 2020

VLIG00000101Irgacure 2959 Powder 1x100mg

VLIG00000103Irgacure 2959 Powder 3x100mg

VLIG00000105Irgacure 2959 Powder 5x100mg

VLIG00001001Irgacure Powder 1x1g

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