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Chitoink is the first ever commercialized chitosan-based bioink for 3D bioprinting. The cationic polysaccharide chitosan is derived from the naturally occurring biomaterial chitin. Chitosan forms mechanically stable hydrogels with good cell affinity and has been extensively used in research related to tissue engineering of cartilage, skin and bone. By incorporating glucomannan and a glycerol phosphate salt, Chitoink provides good printability at physiological pH, high shape fidelity, sufficient mechanical properties and biocompatibility. After bioprinting, Chitoink crosslinks easily with the included ionic TPP Crosslinking Agent. Description Bioink comes in 3 mL cartridges. Includes TPP Crosslinking Agent. Sterile production and packaging. Three months shelf life. For research use only. Not for human use. Product number: IKE100000301 (1×3 mL) Product number: IKE100000303 (3×3 mL)

IKE100000301Chitoink 1x3 mL

IKE100000303Chitoink 3x3 mL

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