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CELLINK Xplore,Syringe


CELLINK XPLORE is a non-sterile ink designed for demonstrations. Use it to print surgical models and larger organ structures while retaining shape integrity. Similar to CELLINK Bioink, XPLORE has excellent printability and viscosity. XPLORE comes in multiple colors to help visualize the printing process when using several printheads at once. Description Available in 3 mL cartridges and 45 mL syringe. Choose between pink, blue or green. Includes crosslinking agent. For research use only. Not for human use. Product number: IK1021404501 (45 mL syringe, pink) Product number: IK1021414501 (45 mL syringe, blue) Product number: IK1021424501 (45 mL syringe, green) Product number: IK1021400309 (9 x 3 mL cartridges, different colors) Specifications The bioink has the following quality criteria: Appearance Pink/blue/green opaque gel pH 6.5-7.4 Viscosity 1-55 000 Pa·s

IK1021414501CELLINK Xplore, 45ml Syringe Blue

IK1021424501CELLINK Xplore, 45ml Syringe Green

IK1021404501CELLINK Xplore, 45ml Syringe Pink

IK1021400309CELLINK Xplore, 9 x 3ml (Different Colors)

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