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CELLINK Laminink 111,Cartridge


Laminins are proteins composed of three subunits referred to as a α-chain, β-chain and γ-chain. They are a major component of the basal lamina that lines the external surface of cell membranes. Its cross-like structure that serves as a foundation for many tissues. Laminins play an important role in cell differentiation, migration, adhesion and also involved in supporting healthy tissue. CELLINK LAMININK 111 is an enhanced formulation of our CELLINK Bioink that contains Laminin 111 which is an important protein during early development of the lining of tissues and organs. Specialized applications that this bioink is suited for include the culture of brain, kidney, liver or intestinal cells. In disease modeling, this bioink is relevant for studying Parkinson’s disease and cancer models and is a great starting point for culturing many cell types. Also available with a GelXA base. Uses Use as a throughput 3D model (deposited as droplets) with the BIO X Temperature Controlled or Syringe Printhead. As a bioprinted 3D construct as demonstrated in the Liver Tissue Model Kit Description Available in 3 mL cartridges. Includes crosslinking agent. Sterile produced and packaged. Two-month shelf life Not for human use. Only for research use. Product number: IK12L1110301 (1 x 3 mL) Product number: IK12L1110303 (3 x 3 mL) Product number: IK12L1110305 (5 x 3 mL) Specifications The bioink has the following quality criteria: Appearance Opaque gel Sterility Sterile Endotoxin level <40 EU/mL Cell viability ≥80% viable mesenchymal stem cells for 7 days pH 6.5-7.4 Viscosity 3-20 000 Pa·s

IK12L1110301CELLINK Laminink 111, 1 x 3 ml Cartridge

IK12L1110303CELLINK Laminink 111, 3 x 3 ml Cartridge

IK12L1110305CELLINK Laminink 111, 5 x 3 ml Cartridge

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