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CELLINK BONE is a modified composition of our universal CELLINK Bioink designed to guide cell differentiation and impart osteogenic capacity. Tricalcium phosphate particles are uniformly dispersed within CELLINK BONE to ensure consistent printability. CELLINK BONE is intended for use with cell types and tissue applications related to bones, joints and their interfaces, such as the bone-to-ligament or bone-to-cartilage transition regions. CELLINK BONE can be used as a base material for fabricating bone constructs, and it can be supplemented with other osteogenic factors like BMP-2 to further enhance its properties. Based on the CELLINK Bioink, CELLINK BONE bioink offers the same printability and natural 3D environment as CELLINK Bioink with added biofunctionalization. This bioink is composed of tricalcium phosphate osteoconductive particles to enhance bone tissue engineering applications. Use our CELLMIXER to mix CELLINK BONE with a high concentration of cells and enable a one-step bioprinting process. After bioprinting, CELLINK BONE crosslinks easily with the included ionic crosslinking agent. Also available with a GelXA base. Recommended to use the CELLMIXER for blending in cells. Uses Use as a 3D model (example use here) with the BIO X Temperature Controlled or Syringe Printhead. Printed in conjugation with the BIO X Thermoplastic Printhead to complement a thermoplastic scaffold such as PCL. Description Available in a 3 mL cartridge. Includes crosslinking agent. Sterile production and packaging. Six-month shelf life. For research use only. Not for human use. Product number: IK2400000301 (1 × 3 mL) Product number: IK2400000305 (5 × 3 mL) Specifications The bioink has the following quality criteria: Appearance Opaque gel Sterility Sterile Endotoxin level <40 EU/mL Cell viability ≥80% viable mesenchymal stem cells for 7 days pH 6.5-7.4 Viscosity 3-20 000 Pa·s

IK2400000301CELLINK BONE, 1 x 3ml Cartridge

IK2400000305CELLINK BONE, 5 x 3 ml Cartridge

IK2400000303CELLINK BONE, 3 x 3ml Cartridge

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